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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  February 4, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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out. >> half the power in new orleans stadium, the super dome here, is out. >> parts of the super dome plunged into darkness and for more than 30 minutes, players and fans waited for the power to come back on and the 3rd 3rd quarter to resume. >> it's a little crazy but hopefully this will be a new game for the 9ers. >> reporter: and it was. the san francisco 49ers took advantage of the break to launch a second half come back. but the baltimore ravens managed to hold onto their lead giving john harbaugh a victory over his little brother jim in super bowl xlvii. >> more than 71,000 fans packed the super dome. they came here to see the big game and the big name entertainers. beyonce headlined the half-time show that featured a reunion with her former girl group destiny's child. >> beyonce was wonderful. i loved every second. >> i don't think she was lip syncing today. >> reporter: and in true new
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orleans fashion, fans kept the celebration going into the morning bringing the party to bourbon street. >> it's been a long season. >> we made it all the way, baby. and time to give it up. >> reporter: ravens fans back in baltimore joined in. thousands poured out onto the city streets and some got out of hand forcing cops to move in. authorities in new orleans say they are investigating exactly what led to the power outage and how they can prevent it in the future. keep in mind, new orleans is hope to go secure 2018. reporting live in new orleans, vinita nair back to you. >> live for us in new orleans, thanks. all right. let's talk about the game now. it is 6:036789 and of course the 49ers fell behind early in this ball game. the ravens controlled the first half, look at the second half: right here. you think they're going to get
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juiced up. and jacoby jones goes 108 yards to tie a record and give baltimore a 22 point lead. a lot of folks figured it was over. and then the power delay, 9ers gets juiced up. kaepernick's touchdown got them within 2 points in the 4th 4th quarter with 9 minutes to go. that's as close as they got. >> we worked so hard to get here and come out with a loss, man, seems like it was all for nothing, but we have a good group of guys on this team, and we'll be back year. >> i think that last driver when we got the ball and had time to score a touchdown, we thought it was our game. >> baltimore goes onto win and there was the handshake and hug by time harbaugh. baltimore wins. there was two dozen arrests in san francisco during a and have the super bowl, most involving public drunkenness and at the same time ravens fans tried to keep a low profile. cate cauguiran in the city now with more on that.
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>> reporter: good morning, frank now this was a far cry from what we saw post world series investigation. they said they were pretty much prepared for everything that happened. they wanted to make note that preliminary numbers say about 25 people were arrested for public intoxication. again on third and king two women were arrested for getting in a fight and we saw another man getting arrested for having too much to drink. officers were staged in the hot spots in san francisco's mission district. dozens of officers were decked out in riot gear. after the game, local ravens fans took their celebrations underground they were extremely careful and. they were supposed to take over the deer mom bar in the mission district. according to rhs the group's facebook page, san selled the -- canceled the celebration. he said it was a difficult decision to make but one that
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was necessary. >> fantastic, fantastic, and it was a great crowd in there. good hospitality. it was a great night for sportsmanship. really appreciate it. the hospitality we were shone and enthusiasm on the streets and it's a beautiful thing. >> reporter: the ravens said they took more of sfp advice. fans made sure to cover up their jerseys as they walked home quietly to celebrate. now we checked their facebook page and there was a lot of people who didn't agree with the decision to move that celebration underground but organizers say it was basically necessary. reporting live in san francisco's mission district. cate cauguiran kpix5. the 9ers are expected back in the bay area this afternoon. and michelle griego is still in new orleans. i think she's moving there. she joins us live with more on the french quarter, what was it
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maybe three or four hours ago you were covering the hoopla and here you are again. >> i was nap front of a sports bar at about 1, 1:30 in the morning and there were people celebrating, drinking it up, drown b their sorrows, not a good night for 49ers and their fans. but they are true to their team. take a look, this was in the french quarter. lots of fans were packing the sports bars, watching their team. many came from the bay area. but didn't have tickets to the game. they just wanted to be in the atmosphere and experience what was going on here in new orleans. and you know, it was an emotional game for many fans because at first it looked like the ravens had the win and then the 49ers gave them a little spark of hope and came up and made it a close game. but also a heartbreaking loss. it was not the outcome 49ers fans wanted. still, they love their team. >> reporter: how are you feeling right now.
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>> i'm hurt, but you know what, i flew out from california, but new orleans has a beautiful city with beautiful people and i couldn't ask for a better time, you know, but next year we're going to win it all. 49ers nation, the faithful. >> and that's really what a lot of the fans we talked to last night after the game, that's what they're saying. kaepernick is a young guy, he has a lot of potential. of course they were here in the super bowl, so they're coming back next year. that's what they're saying. and i couldn't agree more with that fan. new orleans is such a great city. you said i was moving here. i'm going to come back and visit. i still love the bay area. >> bring your kids and husband and have a little fun. has there been reaction from the nfl, and the big black out, it was kind of fun but it was a bit of an embarrassment to have that happen on the super bowl stage. >> reporter: well, no killing because the whole world was
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watching football. remember, this happened last year in san francisco. not a good thing, especially because it lasted for a little more than half an hour. the fans, they were okay with it, though, mike sugerman was in the stands when this black out occurred, and the fans were just waiting for the game, but for the team, it seemed to really light a spark with the team, and that's when the 49ers started coming back, so if anything, it was good for the 49ers fans. >> i think so. my brother went outside for a minute and didn't come back for 20 minutes and then they came back. how many beignets have you eaten. >> i have not eaten a biennia in the last couple of days, so before the airport, we have to get a few, and i have a present for you, too, frank, and everybody else at the station o so hopefully you guys like it, from the new orleans. >> if it's a gift, we're going to love it. michelle griego reporting all week long. thanks michelle, we appreciate
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it. >> hey, i got a cousin who works for the 49ers. i was getting excited because he would have gotten a super bowl ring. they hand them out to everybody. >> pretty good team. kaepernick, they could be back. low clouds and fog around the bay area early on this morning. especially thick in some of the north bay valleys. visibility down to a quarter and a half mile. see high pressure building in overhead, not going to be a bad deal. going to take a while for the clouds and fog to no break up. the beautiful lights looking good right now. cloudy skies wherever you go. 38 in livermore and 48 in san francisco. 39 in san jose. this afternoon we'll find sunshine in the valley. mild temperatures in low to about mid-60s toward the coastline. the low clouds and fog will be born. a chance of rain coming up this week. let's check out the roads with
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elizabeth. things are heating up at the bay bridge. we were watching a crash, a smaller fender bender approaching one one of the toll plaza lanes and no metering lights. you can see the outer cash lanes are starting to cash up. i'm guessing they're going to turn on the metering lights nimming. again, that -- any minute. elsewhere, san mateo bridge, no delay on westbound or eastbound 92. 880, a check of the east bay, the nimitz is moving find past the oakland coliseum and airport. we'll check on the south bay coming up. san jose police are searching for a suspect and a motive after a double shooting that killed one person, kpix5's elissa harrington joins us from the city's east side to explain what investigators know at this point. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank, this is the city's 4th 4th homicide of the year. police have made no arrests and
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have not released any suspect description. they were called out here to the 1000 block of audubon drive around 9:15 last night. they found two victims suffering from gunshot wounds. one was pronounced ted did he see and the -- dead at the scene, and the other taken to the hospital expected to be okay. they are looking into if this could have been gang related. i spoke with a neighbor who said he heard yelling and six gun shots and the sound of a car screeching away from the scene. he said he did not recognize the victims but said they looked young, possibly teenagers and police have not released any new information this morning. i did put in a call for additional details and trying to find out the names of the victims and i'm still waiting to get a call back. live in san jose, elissa harrington, kpix5. 5 people escape a plane crash in the chilling moments caught on video.
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what a dad captured while holding his 7-month-old baby. and celebrities, babies and a whole lot of beer. live with the super bowl ad, which commercials scored a touchdown and which ones should have been on the side license as well -- sidelines as well, when we come back.
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[ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. this plane crash in utah alive.. and unharmed. the plane's fuel some incredible video, 5 people including a 7-month-old baby came out of this plane crash unharmed. the fuel line froze midnight and the pilot had to make an engineer landing in a snowy field why would holding his bane -- while holding his baby. he said later he never would have pulled out the phone if he knew the landing was going to be so tough. incredible video and all is well. let's go it liz, the
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metering lights are on. >> how did you know that. and what's going on, e that's right. we're starting to stack up at the bay bridge toll plaza. i mentioned that smaller fender bender, they quickly cleared it out. and they turned on the metering lights. and it's starting to stack up quickly because it was already pretty busy. it's backed up beyond the first overcrossing for at least a 10 minute way. and a new crash approaching westbound 80. and elsewhere, here's a live look at the south bay, 101 at trumbull. and getting a check on the east bay, the nimitz, 880 in oakland, no delay past a the oakland coliseum, looks good down toward oakland airport and drive times moving at the limit. and a quick look at the san mateo bridge where bridge traffic right side of your screen, westbound 92 in the commute direction, green clear
6:16 am
over the high-rise. that's traffic. for your forecast we have rain coming,. haven't seen that in a while but outside today we don't have to worry about that. we have an exclusive cam from the new bay bridge being built and ready to go. you can see the bridge off to the right and looking good as the count down is underway until that opens up. still around the bay area we have a lot of clouds moving across our skies. thick fog in the north bay. and this afternoon becoming partly cloudy, cool to mild, cool out toward the coastline, the fog likely to linger and maybe some rain later this week. high pressure overhead, and we have the system that rolls over the top of the bridge. probably going to make for a busy, windy day. 60s in the central valley. 55 degrees in the monterey bay and computer model showing the low clouds and fog early on, beginning to break up. and heading toward the afternoon, a little more sunshine and the fog is going to surge back on shore overnight tonight and into
6:17 am
tomorrow morning. with that in mind we'll keep the temperatures down just a bit. 62 degrees in hose. and 55 in pacific coo. east bay temperatures in the 60s. next couple days, we're going to keep things dry, as we head into thursday and friday. a chance of rain and showers both of those days and. weekend looks good, thank you lawrence. it is 6:18, some people watch the super bowl for the game and some watch for the commercials, advertising the biggest stage and most expensive stage. michelle has a special guest in new orleans to talk all things commercials. >> reporter: my special guest is bob horowitzs, executive producer of cbs's greatest super bowl commercials. this is a special that aired last wednesday and everybody looks forward to these commercials on super bowl sunday. >> for 46 years they seem to resonate. they don't get tired of them.
6:18 am
the autopsy is not only about the game -- anticipation is not only about the game. we had tide on the sidelines, since 2008, and they had the stain spot, and they brought it back this year and they had the cloud cover joe montana commercial and in the morning, that rated but i think budweiser took it all. >> reporter: what did they do. >> they went back to the campaign story telling of the clydesdale and like something that tugged at the heart strings and that's what budweiser does and they took jake scott to do the spot and that's ridley son from the great 1984 commercial and they brought it all and won the ad meter. >> reporter: i was working yesterday so i didn't get to see all of the commercials and i did see one and that was for go, a little risque. >> you have the funny, heart
6:19 am
strings and you have the shock. go daddy did that spot is and decided to take super model as well as geek and put them together. trying to get a message across, and i think they did because in the morning that's the spot people are talking about. i think this year go daddy did an excellent job. >> reporter: and the advertisers, the process of putting those on, i guess that's changed over the years. >> now what's interesting is that super bowl commercials don't really air on sunday. it's really not about the $4 million, it's about the millions that go into the hype and all the promotion and the big marketing techniques and you saw spots out on the internet but the one spot you didn't see was the chrysler spot and that one with paul harvey talking about farmland in america. i think chrysler was very clever to keep everything tight lipped and wait until sunday to reveal their spot. >> reporter: that's how it used to be, they were so tight
6:20 am
lipped. bob, thank you so much for joining us and breaking down the commercials, frank, what was your favorite commercial. >> i liked the budweiser, collides clydesdale, and i think they went one and two, so that's what i liked. >> reporter: pretty good ones it sounds like. >> thank yous so much michelle, live for us in new orleans. back here at home, 6:21, president obama takes a stand in an interview with scott pelley. his message to the boy scouts about their controversial ban on gay members when we come back.
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proposals. it was a big issue on the sunday welcome back, president obama on the road, heading to minnesota to promote his gun proposals, big issue on the talk shows over the weekend. he wants congress to pass a ban on assault weapons, limit the
6:24 am
number of bullets gun clips can hold and require a universal background checks. >> it's never going to be universal, the criminals aren't going to comply with it. >> i know the value of an assault weapon, to kill people rather quickly. it's way to readily available. >> the president's proposals include an increase in mental health resources. prior to the super bowl president obama talked about a number of issues with scott pelley, the president said he feels the boy scouts of america should open up its membership to gays. >> i think that, you know, my attitude is that that gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does. >> boy scout leaders announced last week they are now considering overturning their long standing ban on gays, the organization meets later this week to decide on that issue. 6:26, coming up, so long candle stick, we know the fate
6:25 am
of 49ers home in san francisco and shaking up the bay area, beyonce's big announcement this morning, coming up. and san francisco police say 49ers fans were well behaved. we'll give you the details on the overnight arrests and how it compared to the post world series celebrations. this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop...
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you're watching kpix 5 eyewitness news this morning. it's monday, february 4th. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. a little football game last night. we have to tell you a little bit about it. a gut wrenching loss for san francisco as the 9ers fall short in super bowl xlvii. what a game, the ravens controlling the first half.
6:29 am
second half kickoff, jacoby jones returns it 108 yards. that ties the super bowl record and gave baltimore a monster lead, 22 point lead, and the power went out, and after that, the 9ers got hot, scoring here, colin kaepernick's touchdown got them within 2 points but that's as close as they got. >> we want to handle this with class and with grace. there's several, we had several opportunities in the game. didn't play the best game. the ravens made a lot of plays. our guys battled back to get back in it. >> harbaugh upset that this pass interference was not called on the 4th goal play with just a few seconds to go. baltimore goes onto win it 34-3 34-31. looked like holding to me. and the power outage delayed the game for 34 minutes in the middle of the 3rd quarter. so bizarre and a bit of an embarrassment. a local utility company said
6:30 am
the outage happened when sensing equipment detected an abnormality in the load, and opened up the breaker. and the delay some saw as a sign of hope. >> reporter: what do you think of the game so far. >> the game is terrible because the 9ers are playing badly but at least they turned the power off so maybe they'll start the game over and they'll have a chance at that point. >> it's crazy, who would have thought a world class event like this would suddenly have a full power outage. maybe the 49ers are going to take the game after wards. >> they came back, full power restored, 34 minute delay. the 9ers are due back in the bay area over what will likely be a quiet flight. we're live in new orleans with michelle griego who's been up. did you go to bed last night, i know you were on bourbon street working way. >> i was working. i wasn't even enjoying bourbon street. i did we slept for two hours and had to come back out in the
6:31 am
morning. that's the business we're in new orleans, can't help but smile about that and we get to finally go home. when we were in the streets at 1:30 in the morning, people were still going strong. a sea of purple at the sports bars celebrating and of course the 49ers fans were just drinking their sorrows away. the game was very emotional for both 49ers and ravens fans, though, because at one time, looked like the ravens had the game wrapped up and then aft black out, the 49ers they got a little spark and gave the 49ers fans some hope that maybe they would come back and win the game. it was a very close call. not the outcome we all wanted. still every 49ers fan i talked to said they love their team. >> i will always bleed love and be a 49ers fan forever.
6:32 am
harbaugh, we love you. the 9ers, we love you. we will always l be -- always be there. one hell of a game. >> reporter: always good when the fans are showing love to their team, even in the wake of a loss. something that wasn't a loss last night when the super bowl half-time performance by beyonce. >> ♪ i don't think you're ready, give it up for destiny's child ♪ ♪ >> and she left no doubt she is a super star. she locked the half-time show. as many as a hundred million people watched the performance and she made good on her promise not to lip sync during this performance. we all know she can sing live. she surprised everyone, too, she took the stage with destiny's child. that was a rumor for a while and they had a surprise reunion on the stage and as is a super bowl tradition she did not get paid for her performance and last night she wasted no time in announcing her tour dates,
6:33 am
pretty exciting for the bay area. beyonce is coming into town into san jose july tennessee. a after this -- july 2nd. after this performance a lot will be bought quickly. >> and i'm hearing from management you did such a fine job in new orleans, with spring training nine days away you'ring going to pack your bags, and we're sending you to arizona. >> where is my drink? >> i need a break. >> i think you need to go home and reintroduce yourself to your two girls and your husband. >> michelle griego live for us in new orleans. it is 6:35. 25 people were arrested in san francisco during and after the super bowl. overall police are describing the reaction to the game as low key. cbs5 reporter, cate cauguiran is in the city, she has an update this morning. >> reporter: good morning,
6:34 am
yeah, san francisco police say things were quiet for the most part and even though things were under control, officers say they were prepared for just about anything. as you mentioned, sfpd says preliminary numbers say a totally of 25 people were arrested for public intoxication. we saw two women getting arrested for getting into a fight and another man having too much to drink. officers were staged in the hot spots in san francisco's mission district. dozens of officers were decked out in riot gear. quick to move at any mention of problems. >> well, i think people see the police presence and they tend to calm themselves down a little bit. you'll get a messer every now and again, but you'll get that everywhere. >> there were a few incidents around 16th and mission. some people through bottles at officers. a san francisco said one person was arrested for trying to light something on fire. again, overall, officers say most people were well behaved and things turned out smoothly and there was very different
6:35 am
from what we saw post world series celebration. reporting live in san francisco's mission district, kate -- cate cauguiran, kpix 5. soon after that the stadium is expected to be imploded. kpix 5 insider phil matier reports a shopping center will likely go in its place and there's talk about building a small arena with 3 to 4000 seats. so much history but it's kind of worn out its welcome in a big way. >> so much history, the not only the 9ers but the giants played there for years and years and years. weather wise, i guess we're in far nice week. >> we have the fog and low clouds that have moved on shore. chicago stuff, especially in the valleys, right now. be very careful early on. high pressure building in overhead though and that means we're in for a decent way but will take a while to peel over
6:36 am
the coastline. you have the new lights over the bay bridge, plenty of fog outside as well. the temperatures 43 in concord. 48 in san francisco, and 43 in san jose. i think by the afternoon, some sunshine in the south bay, temperatures as high at mid- 60s. about 62 nap san jose. east bay numbers in the 60s. hazy sunshine. inside the bay at a little bit longer for the low clouds and fog no break up. 57 degrees and breezy in san francisco and 60 oakland. more on your weather in a moment. let's check the roads. we are watching a crash in richland. a 6 car crash approaching upper town cleared to the right hand shoulder and everything looks okay past the accident scene. all lanes are open. we are picking up a little bit of slowing. once you get past the accident, things pick up. university avenue overcross there in the distance. drive time continuing to take about 20 minutes right now on
6:37 am
westbound 80 from the carcinas bridge, and growing because of delays and getting later in the morning drive. elsewhere, word of a head on crash in napa. california highway 12 at highway 29. we'll have more details on this coming up. in the meantime, frank back to. you 6:38 now, one person is dead, another is wounded after shooting an east san jose. kpix 5 elissa harrington on audubon drive where investigators are trying to figure out a suspect and a motive for the shooting as well. good morning. >> reporter: a neighbor i spoke to this morning described hearing some yelling about six gunshots and then a car screeching away from the scene. when he came outside of o his home, he saw two people lying in the street. this happened on the 1000 block of audubon drive. police found the victims suffering from multiple gun shot wounds and pronounced one dead and took the other to the
6:38 am
hospital. this marks the city's 4th 4th homicide of the year, and comes amid growing concerns about the city's shrinking police force. cuts to pay and benefits have many officers retiring or joining other agencies. mayor chuck reed is expected to address the issue issue at his state of the city address coming this thursday. as for this homicide, investigators are looking into whether this could have been gang related. elissa harrington kpix 5. 6:39, coming up, not just sacramento, but how losing the sacramento kings could hurt the entire state of california. plus good news for air travelers, virgin america announces new flights out of san jose. and the market opened up 10 minutes ago for a monday and the dow is is down in a big way, nearly a hundred points, what's it all mean, check in with jason brooks right after the break.
6:39 am
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6:42 am
a silicon valley well, mothers are tough enough but after the super bowl loss. >> my daughter loved the food. what a day it was. >> how is she feeling today. >> i haven't talked to her, but i'm sure her mom isn't happy with me. low clouds and fog have swept on shore overnight and a little thick. visibility down to less than a quarter mile into fairfield, so be very careful. as we head throughout the day, we'll begin to break up the low clouds, partly cloudy with clouds sticking around the coastline and temperatures mild inside the bay and the valleys. we have a possibility of rain a little bit later on this week. high pressure sneaking in for today, you can see the front off the coastline. that is going to roll over the top of the ridge.
6:43 am
maybe breezy as we head toward tomorrow and. an hour 8 and minutes exactly. you're likely to see delays there this morning because of low clouds and the fog. around the u.s., it is bitter cold begin. 27 degrees, the expected high of snow? chicago. 73 in houston and 59 degrees in denver, looks like low clouds and fog going to try and break up around the bay area. and looks like lot offense clouds, almost a spring like pattern developing in the bare area. temperatures in the 50s and 60s outside for today. the next few days, not too bad. and then by thursday, and friday, there's a chance we could see cold showers rolling in. warmer weather next weekend. let's check with elizabeth with traffic. >> things heating up. we have a slight location changes, this is a new accident
6:44 am
westbound 80. and mobile 1 drove past the scene, earlier it was reported in richmond, turns out it is in pan o ol and that's where we're seeing the slowing on the sensors. looks like 27 minutes in the westbound lanes of 80 from the carcinas bridge to the maze. let's see, this is another crash we're watching, a head on crash, this does not sound good, highway 12 approaching kelly road, a slight location here as well. the westbound lanes of highway 12 remain blocked while chp is on scene working o to clear it and checking for injuries. that was a head on crash involving what sounds like three cars. elsewhere, we'll show you where it's slow. this is a live look at westbound 237 coming around that bend at 880 and 237 and very stop and go from 205 all the way through the livermore valley. that is traffic. frank, back to. you 6:46.
6:45 am
it's silicon valley is reaching across the country buying a company from massachusetts. here to tell us about that is jason brooks on monday morning. >> big purchase for oracle, they specialize in making gear for network providers, especially for mobile phone service providers, one of their big competitors out there is cisco. works out to a 2 2% premium over acme's closing price on friday. should go through the first half o this year. clorox reporting its earnings, revenue up around 2:1/2 percent to 1.34 billion. big sales gain in the cleaning segment. volume sales of bleach were at their best levels in two years. stock market opening over 14,000 in the dow.
6:46 am
the pressures over seas, though, pushing stocks lower overall back below that level. let's see where we are. the dow falling by 109 points in the open, down below 13,000. s&p down by 9. oracle shares down 3%. clorox is down 1 1/2 percent. an airline that markets itself silicon valley workers is about to actually fly into the silicon valley. virgin american, says it will offer four flights between san jose, and they say this will likely be the first step in offering nonstop service between san jose and other cities. while the bay area is recovering from the 9er loss, it could be worse. sacramento is dealing with the loss of its basketball team, the kings are set to go to seattle and talk about that,
6:47 am
san francisco examiner, columnist melissa griffin is here with how the sale is getting political. i see you're in black. >> i am in mourning for the great loss last night. >> at least we have a team. >> it could be worse. an investment group announced a deal what family that owns 65% of the sacramento kings. the investment group is going to buy the stake for $340 million. and probably move them to seattle. now what's important to know is that the buyer is a hedge fund led by investor chris hansen and microsoft ceo steve balmer. this steve balmer guy is important because following the news, california's the senate leader darrell steinburg who represents sacramento wrote a letter to the state department that controls state contracts asking for information about how much the state spends on microsoft products. he demanded to know, do we have contracts with them, are we giving them money, are they
6:48 am
using the money we're giving them basically to turn around and take one of our great state assets. >> so if you do this, we're going to do that. >> val. we're going to dig right in there steinburg can't control the contracts but he can put punish on the country. >> it's a big loss not only for sacramento but all of us, i think the average salary is is 7 1/2 million, that's a lot of taxes heading to seattle. >> they're estimated to be about $7 million a. yeah that's not all f of it. california has a funky rule if players come from out of state to play games in state they have to pay payroll tax ins california, so there is that 13% income of taxable people who make a lot of money, actually generates over one hundred million dollars a year for california with our dozen or so so sports teams. you're not just losing the income taxes from the kings players but also the players
6:49 am
who come here from out of state. >> and how about the tax returns, that must be a mess. you have one in indiana, illinois. >> it's full employment for taxpayers and consultants. >> is that team definitely going. >> the deal has to be approved by the nba board of governors and they're meeting in april to make the decision. at the time kevin johnson will also given a presentation. he's trying to line up investors of his own and two years ago he was able to prevent the team to leave for anaheim. he'll try to do that again to keep the team and the tax money in our state. >> you can find more on her segments on slash mornings. time for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. charlie rose joins us uh-huh. he's back from new orleans, back up at new york now. good morning charlie. >> good morning frank, and our
6:50 am
condolences to all the 49ers fans. you guys have a terrific football team. >> we're feeling it. >> here's what we have on cbs this morning, an inside look on how the super bowl power outage unfolded plus the winning coach, john harbaugh will be with us. we'll talk with him about how he and his family celebrated last night and how his brother is dealing with the defeat. and the super bowl ad, the winners and losers what made some stand out and others bomb. and san jay gupta on how we treat cancer and dementia. >> did you have fun down there, what do you think of new orleans. >> i love that city. i've talked about it a lot while i was there. i talked to a lot f of people who i know that live there. it really has come back. not all the things that they want to do have been done, but it's a great restaurant town.
6:51 am
it has enormous sense of history and tradition. it's small enough to be able to enjoy a cross section of culture. and it's a wonderful visit on the part of our guys and top it all off is the super bowl. >> no doubt. >> the excitement of that game and leading up to it and meeting the harbaughs, mr. and mrs. harbaugh, the father and mother was a great experience. >> it looked like you guys had a great time. you did a great job. charlie rose, for us, cbs this morning starts at 7 in the bay area. coming up, we're going to check in with michelle griego, one very last time in the big easy before she heads back our way. stay right there. >> [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each
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call or click today. you took in the sights.. the owl.. and so well, as you all know, michelle has spent the last nine days in new orleans, you took in the sights, the sounds, the super bowl, is and rumor has it you bought a house there. >> reporter: i wish, frank, i absolutely love this city. next time i want to come back, spend a little more time not working just so i can really take it all in. love the southern hospitality here. here is a look back at our week here in the big easy. >> frisco has a tremendous reputation as being a tourist destination as well as new orleans. >> reporter: we can't say new orleans, or frisco. >> oh, san francisco, whoops. >> reporter: it never closes. >> we never close. we are open 24/7, 365.
6:56 am
>> whoa, the tower all of a sudden, i'd rather see the depth of the devil than the power. she's literally a basket case. >> the best time in new orleans is the first thing in the morning it's very quiet, easy o to get around. >> it's one of those things that makes new orleans unique >> reporter: and there you go, what a great week here in new orleans, love this city so much. now that football is over here in the big easy, it's back to all the mardi gras celebrations. i have my beads, come on, i'm catching them. i'm throwing them back. >> there you go. you can tell this is her last day there. and michelle i have to tell you this, you were part of the highest rated super bowl in the
6:57 am
history of tv and super bowls, so pretty cool. >> reporter: absolutely amazing, frank, absolutely amazing but i miss you guys, i will see you. i'll be back at the desk on wednesday. now we have to dance for the baltimore anchors, how are we going to do that. >> not only do we have to dance, we have to do the ray lewis shuffle but we have to do it in public down lumbar street. >> goodness, we better start practicing. >> michelle, we want to know what your gifts are, you said you're bringing back gifts for us,. >> reporter: bringing back what? >> bringing back gifts for us, what are they? >> reporter: i have some abides for you guys but i can't tell you what else, it's specific to new orleans and you'll love it it. >> have a safe flight, get a hurricane, you deserve it. a short quick look at weather and traffic. weather looking good around the bay area today, a lot of fog out there. temperatures all over the map. by the afternoon the fog will
6:58 am
break up and return to the coastline. 50s there, 60s inland, the next couple of days, possibility of showers on thursday and friday. and we're watching a head on crash, the westbound lanes of highway 12 at north kelly road remain blocked and over at bay bridge, the metering lights have been on since after 6:00. it has stacked up through the maze. >> and what did an knee say on broadway, the sun will come up tomorrow. we leave you with a shot of mount vaca and relish the thought, the sun's up, we'll get them next year. spring training in 9 days. have a good monday everybody. good morning to our viewers in the west. this is monday, february 4th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." baltimore powered through a power outage to claim super bowl
6:59 am
xlvii. we'll take you behind the scenes at the moment the lights went out and talk with john harbaugh the coach of the championship team. the u.s. military's most successful sniper is shot and killed on american soil. captured on the cell phone, five adults and a baby survive a plane crash, and you'll see the best super bowl ads plus the ones that, well, were duds. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. and the super bowl belongs to baltimore! >> the ravens beat the 49ers and the blackout to win the nfl title. >> flack >> flacco end zone touchdown. joe flacco the mvp. >> this is what you dream of as a football player your entire life. >> we have a power outage at the superdome. >> i want to know who's in charge of paying the power bill at the superdome. >> they're partying in baltimore. >> we won! >> the final series of ray lewis' career was a
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